IGTV marketing is the most effective way to reach the audience and potential customers. IGTV by Instagram has captured the interest of almost everyone on the social media platform. The easiness, simplicity, and uniqueness make it the most preferred tool among Instagrammers. Business brands, influencers, and celebrities use IGTV to showcase their products and interests. It has also become one of the most effective ways to connect with people. New tricks and techniques are being invented continuously to excel in using the feature of IGTV.

If you are among these groups looking for effective ways to perform IGTV marketing, this is the perfect article for you. We have listed the top-performing strategies that will guide you to do the best in IGTV marketing. 

Guide To IGTV Marketing

1. Engage

It is vital that you create IGTV videos that are capable to create a higher rate of engagement. The audience looks up for content that is engaging. There are higher chances of audiences getting converted into potential customers when you create engaging and audience-oriented content. 

2. Power of hashtags

Ensure to place the right hashtags for all your IGTV content. It is one of the best marketing strategies to reach a wide audience. Hashtags have the potential to travel around the world. If you are a brand owner, create a hashtag that is dedicated to your brand. Place it on all your IGTV videos. Overusing hashtags will spoil the purpose of the posts. 

3. Keep it simple

Keeping the IGTV content simple and factual is highly important. When the content is simple and uncomplicated, there will be an increased level of engagement and response to the video. This is one of the effective ways as it will reach audiences of all ages and places. 

4. Keep it factual

The information provided in the IGTV must be true. It should not contain any illegal or false facts as it is not a good marketing strategy. People might find your entire efforts fake, even if you share a small piece of information that is fake. 

5. Collaborate with influencers

Instagram is flooded with numerous positive influencers who can help you move upwards. IGTV can be used as a base for collaboration. IGTV live sessions can be held with influencers or IGTV content can be developed using the influencer as an ambassador. 

6. Tags

Tagging is one of the most powerful marketing tools. When you create IGTV content, make it a point to tag people and brands. It will increase the visibility of your posts. It will also make your posts reach a wider audience. 

7. Subtitles

Since, IGTV content can reach audiences of all languages, regions, and countries, it is vital to utilize the subtitle. Subtitles will help the audience better understand the content. IGTV will also be viewed by people in muted scenarios. In such cases, people will be able to understand the purpose of the content. 

8. Share it on other platforms

When you post IGTV content, remember to share the information on other platforms such as youtube, Facebook, and Twitter. This will pass the news about the IGTV post to people who are not following you on Instagram. This will also increase your follower count. 

9. Add sneak peek videos

Sneak peeks are one of the effective ways to create curiosity among the audience. They will look up for more updates on the products which will also improve your statistics. 

10. Conduct live IGTV polls

Polls can be conducted through IGTV live sessions to understand the expectations of the audience. This will help you to understand the expectations of the people and function accordingly. Also, Instagrammers will have a positive impact on you by considering their opinions. 

11. Make interesting descriptions and captions

Descriptions are a good way to communicate the content of IGTV. audiences will view the descriptions and captions before viewing the actual IGTV content. Thus, begin your marketing about the product, brand, or your activities subtly before the actual explanation of the product in your IGTV. 

12. Keep attractive covers for IGTV posts

Marketing through IGTV will be effective when you design attractive covers for your IGTV content. Unique and intelligent covers can be designed using a variety of editing tools. Spending dedicated hours for these is essential as the covers have the potential to drag the audience into the actual content.


IGTV marketing has the potential to fasten the process of achieving the mission. IGTV has a strong reach which will take your marketing to the next level and help you reach the right target audience. Along with your efforts and preferences, you must take the time to follow the above-mentioned steps to achieve your goals using Instagram IGTV marketing.