Instagram has become one of the busiest and most influential social media platforms for enormous reasons. One proximate factor for the success of Instagram is its features that make it the most interesting and captivating social media application. IGTV is one exceptional feature that allows users to showcase their potential in the most unique ways. Using IGTV to interact with the audiences will speed up the process of getting established and earning more followers.

If you are an influencer or trying to become popular on the platform, IGTV will be an astonishing tool. Before you try your hands on IGTV, have a quick look at the tips and strategies to excel and succeed by using it. 

Mastering IGTV – Tips And Strategies For Success 

1. Consistency 

Being consistent in posting on IGTV is important to succeed on the platform. Maintaining a frequency of posting content is vital as the audience will look up to Instagram handles that are consistent. Being consistent will also help you to lay a strong foundation in the minds of the audience.

2. Clarity

Being clear is important to succeed. While you are trying to convey a message through IGTV, ensure that the video is clear and informative. It must be easily understood by all audiences. Dont make it clumsy by overdoing the video or communicating too much. Audiences are attracted to short, catchy, and clear IGTV posts. 

3. Informative 

IGTV content must be informative. It must be of some purpose to the audience. Although audiences will enjoy casual videos once in a while, it is vital to stick to a theme or head on the platform. Also, make sure that the information that is being presented before the audience is true and verified. False information will earn a negative impression which might leave your efforts vague. 

4. Creativity

Being creative is mandatory. With thousands of ideas being introduced every single day, standing out of the crowd is significant. IGTV content with unique ideas will travel a long way and will get higher recognition. Reflecting the same ideas of your fellow workers or influencers will not get the anticipated reach as the audience might get bored of the repeated ideas. 

5. Shoot the videos vertically

Give a better view of your videos by shooting them vertically. This will allow the audience to better engage with the video. They will also be comfortable with the video and will not have any hardships while viewing the video. 

6. Make interesting IGTV covers

IGTV covers must be impressive to urge viewers to open and view the content. Adopt unique ideas to design these covers. You can use attractive colors and stickers to design the covers. Instagram has numerous innovative tools which can be tried to understand the audience’s response. 

7. Engaging content

The audience must be able to engage with the content posted on IGTV. People on Instagram must not be bored and should not leave your handle. The content should compel them to visit your page and look more at your content. Make the first few seconds of the video captivating and pass a gist of the content of the rest of the video. It is not necessary to create long videos for people to engage. Short and catchy videos can also be made in engaging ways. 

8. Responsiveness

Being responsive and communicating with the audience is important. Listen to their opinions and communicate with them. Feedbacks are one effective way to improve your content on IGTV. Carefully analyze the comments, positive and negative of each of your IGTV content and improvise the flaws and satisfy the expectations of the audience. 

9. Link your brand’s website

It is mandatory to link your brand’s webpage to your IGTV posts. This will direct the audience to your brand and turn the audience into potential buyers. If you are collaborating, dont forget to mention them and tag them. 

10. Read the insights

Analyzing the performance of IGTV posts is vital. Take time to analyze the insights of each IGTV content to see the best and poor-performing ones. This will help you to create content that is attractive to the audience. You can also eliminate the errors on your upcoming posts when you do so. 

11. Post in your Instagram story

Another effective way to promote your IGTV content is to post about them in your stories. Stories are the potential enough to fall into the eyesight of a vast number of audience. People view the stories often rather than the posts and feeds. Thus, making use of stories is a wise move to get an amplified reach for IGTV. 


IGTV is one of the best ways to engage and increase your visibility. IGTV is one of the finest features of Instagram which is being productively used by many people. Following these strategies for IGTV along with your techniques and tricks is mandatory to achieve the anticipated reach.