Instagram has provided its users with numerous new ways for the addition of value to their profiles with the initiation of the Stories Highlights. Apart from making your marketing attractive to the next level, the Highlight characteristic permits you to share the content as well as brand your profile to make maximum Instagram story views.

You will require making your highlights attractive as 20 percent of the business stories results in direct contact with the user. You always prefer to create your own in spite of going with a default cover that Instagram offers. It will make your profile to recognize quickly, and it will set you aside from the crowd. It will bring a diversity of other benefits.

Some ways about increasing your Instagram story views are:

1. Design a Unique Cover

You require creating covers that are a reflection of your brand if you need the traffic to recall your business profile. There are different ways to design covers, and you can use your imagination.

The most convenient way of designing a cover is using the feature of Stories to make a highlight name. Scroll to the Type option after opening Stories. There is Modern style by default that you can alter by clicking on the style icon at the top side.

2. Add a New Cover to Your Story

After the selection of perfect design, you can save or add it to the camera roll. Before using it as a cover, you require its addition to the story, and after that, you can add that story to the Highlights.

Click on the profile picture after opening the profile page to have a look at the story that you need to place as a highlight cover. After this, click on the Highlight icon at the bottom.

From this session, you create a new highlight or choose an existing one. To add new, click on the icon, name the highlights and click on Add.

3. Update the Cover

When there is a new design in the highlights, you can prefer to use it as a cover. Click on the highlights that you need to modify the cover of and click on the bottom right corner at the three dots.

Choose Edit Highlight in the pop-up menu. From this point, you can delete the stories that you do not need the highlights to consist of, modify the name of highlight, and edit the cover.

Choose the option of Edit Cover and add the new design of your cover. You can reposition the image after dragging it across the screen and click on Done.

When you go to profile, you will see a new highlight cover. You should do the same process for every highlight, and it will provide your profile with a unique look and increase your Instagram story views.

Conclusion When it comes to increasing Instagram story views, the creation of unique stories will give you more success. Looking for a different way to invite people to view them is significant. With the unique covers, you can make sure that your efforts do not go waste.