Instagram has been consistent in developing new and astonishing features to satisfy the needs of the audience. With the level of competition in social media platforms, it is vital to keep up with the trend and use the latest elements to captivate the attention of the audiences.  One such tool that is being experienced by millions of users is Instagram’s IGTV. IGTV is one of the most exciting and fun features that allows users to capture videos and post them on the platform. 

What Can You Expect Of The Blog?

We have furnished you with a comprehensive overview of Instagram’s IGTV. The benefits of using IGTV, creating an IGTV, tips for effective usage of IGTV, and how to make it a part of your business strategy are discussed in the blog.

What Is Instagram’s IGTV?

IGTV is a video-uploading feature that allows users to post videos of high quality. Vertical videos of longer time durations can be uploaded with IGTV. Videos of duration from 15 seconds to an hour can be uploaded using the IGTV feature. 

How To Make And Upload IGTV Videos?


IGTV videos can be shot on your mobile phone. It is always recommended to shoot the videos vertically to offer the best viewing experience to the audience. 


IGTV videos can be uploaded either from your phone or desktop. IGTV content being uploaded from mobile phones can be done only for a duration of 15 minutes. A video of 60 minutes can be uploaded while doing it from the desktop. 

Benefits Of Using IGTV

Using IGTV throws enormous advantages to Instagrammers. It can effectively be used by influencers, businesses, and brands to expand their reach and gain potential customers and followers. 

1. IGTV for influencers

Influencers can benefit from using IGTV. influencer marketing has gone to the next level with IGTV. influencers are using IGTV to reach out to wider audiences. As the geographical limits are broken by social media platforms, tools like IGTV allows influencers to connect with people from various countries and regions. As the features of IGTV are user-friendly, influencers try their hands at different components to make their content understandable to all people. 

2. IGTV for businesses 

Social media marketing is a recent successful strategy that is being used by businesses of all scales. Be it small businesses or multinational companies, people are looking to spread their business range by using social media. IGTV can be one of the most effective ways to reach the target audience. They can convey their opinions and ideas to the audience by using IGTV. 

3. IGTV for brands 

Brands can benefit from IGTV immensely. Products can be taken to the eyes of the audiences with IGTV. As IGTV is catchy and can be made informative, it is a wise move to market the products via Instagram’s IGTV. A better picture of the products can be gained by the audience and also you can explain the product better while using IGTV. 

How To Effectively Use IGTV

A strategy must be formulated to work on IGTV. Taking IGTV seriously will help you to reach more people and achieve your mission. Here are some effective ways to use IGTV. 

1. Upload tutorials 

IGTV can be used to upload long videos which is not possible in any other features of Instagram. Uploading tutorials to IGTV will help in enhancing your efforts to reach more people and gain visibility. As tutorials are mostly preferred and viewed by audiences, making tutorials and uploading them to IGTV is worthwhile. 

2. Behind the scenes

A great way to capture the attention of audiences is to post behind the scenes. People are usually attracted to behind-the-scenes and watch them frequently. It will also help the audience to connect with you in an informal way. 

3. Post reviews of customers 

A compilation video of reviews of your loyal customers can be made and uploaded to IGTV. Audiences will turn to your customers when they listen to your loyal customers. This will create a positive impression about your brand among the Instagrammers. 

4. Make your team talk

Making your co-workers and employees open up about their roles in the company will help. This can be uploaded to IGTV. The audiences will know how, what, and who works on making their products. 


Instagram’s IGTV is a boon to people who are looking for laying a foundation on the social media platform. A strong connection can be created between the audience and the account holders while using IGTV. A better picture of things can be explained and a higher rate of engagement can be achieved while uploading and spreading the content using IGTV. If you are still thinking about using IGTV as a part of your strategy, the right time is now. Get your hands on IGTV and see the results reflected as success.