IGTV is an excellent feature that is being used by millions of people to exhibit their potential and communicate their opinions, thoughts, and ideas to audiences. IGTV is also being used by brands around the world to convert audiences into potential customers. If you own a brand or collaborate with a brand, you can also consider using IGTV for increasing the visibility and reach of your brand. It is highly essential to follow certain strategies to boost your brand‘s reach using IGTV. 

As you scroll through, you will be able to get a brief knowledge of boosting your brand’s reach by using IGTV

Effective Ways To Use Igtv 

1. Be the face of your brand

It is vital to show the face of the brand when using IGTV. A video dedicated to presenting yourself and explaining your passion and love for the brand will help the audience to get an idea of you. They will develop a sense of trust and confidence in your brand when you open up to the audience. 

2. Explain the reason for your presence

Be true to yourself and to the Instagrammers. Take time to explain the reason for your presence on the platform. You can also portray the initial stages of your business and can post about the struggles and hardships that pulled you to the current stage. 

3. Showcase your products

IGTV can be used to showcase your products. The best and signature products from your brand can be showcased in your IGTV. You can also try your hands on a separate video to explain your signature product. It will attract customers and urge them to invest in your product. 

4. Show behind the scenes

As Instagram will leave only a little space for the audience to touch and feel the products before making the actual purchase, they will expect a brief description of how the products in your brand are made. A quick video of how the product attains its final shape from being a raw material can be shown to the audience. 

5. Make your co-workers talk

Making the people behind your brand will create a positive impact. They can explain their work experience and also be made to express their thoughts and contributions to the brand. This will also act as a sense of encouragement to the workers. 

6. Engage with the audience

Make IGTV videos that are engaging.  The audience must be encouraged to view more of your content and brand. IGTV videos must have the capability to pull people to buy your brand. Creating an engaging video is as important as creating a long-lasting impression of the brand. 

7. Be responsive

Responding to the comments and queries of the customers and audience through IGTV is an effective idea. People must be able to connect with you. Make a positive video that will make people open up and express their opinions and views. 

8. Go live in Igtv

Going live on IGTV will captivate the attention of the audience. They will be able to connect with you directly and you will be able to understand their expectations of your brand. This will assist you in going in the right direction in future projects relating to your brand. 

9. Series

A series of videos that explains a product line can be done. IGTV series is one of the well-performing ideas as the audience and potential customers will be able to maintain continuity. Attractive captions, descriptions, and covers can be used for the IGTV series to captivate the attention of people. 

10. Make your loyal customers talk

An IGTV video can be made containing the reviews of the customers. Loyal customers can open up their experience and reviews on the brand. This will attract more potential customers to purchase the brand. An IGTV live session with your celebrity customers and influencers can be done once in a while. 


Using the features of Instagram to get established successfully is a wise move if you are looking to popularise your brand. One effective component is IGTV which has a proven track record of getting more followers as customers. It would be highly beneficial to adopt the above-mentioned ideas along with your personal strategies to get a strong customer base and earn more revenue for your business.