Have you ever used Instagram stories for business? The stories on Instagram initiated to increase in the past six months and usage of the story feature is a fantastic way for improving the engagement for your account.
It is demanding to navigate your way around all the characteristics of the stories on Instagram.

There are five ways for increasing the engagement and views on the story posts.


You can use the function of ‘@’ to tag the username of the users and ‘@ mention’ sticker to tag them.

A great way to network is to mention another account. You can acknowledge another account or show some appreciation. The account that you tagged will receive a notification, and they can also select to repost the story.


You can add the hashtag by using a sticker or typing them in the text. If typed, you can add up to almost ten hashtags on any story that you choose, but you can use only one hashtag sticker on each story. When you add a hashtag to the story, there is a chance that the story will be featured in search of hashtags and approach new users.


When there is the addition of a location sticker to the Story of Instagram, it can assist in getting the featured in the story search of Instagram for that position. When you use a broad location (for instance a country as compared to town), it will assist in increasing the views by up to 5 times.


For encouraging the engagement, Instagram has included multiple things. You can use interactive sticker elements like questions, swipe meter or poll so that you can attract a massive audience within less time.

When you use the elements, they will assist in interacting the audience with your content, and they will aid you with future ideas, build relationships and also give you feedback.


How much content do you post daily to your story? It is essential that you should post content at least one time in a day in your story, and multiple times in a day. Whenever you post a new and latest story on the Instagram Story views, there will be a pink circle appeared surrounding the profile picture. Anyone looking around Instagram who visit your profile will note the pink ring and have a look at your post as he thinks that there is something new to see there.

These are the five easy steps by which you can increase the views on Instagram stories. If your stories are business related, these views help you in growing your business at a fast pace and increase your sales. The building of a trust factor enables the users to use your services immediately. You can also add bonus offers to engage the audience.