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Why Buy Automatic Instagram Likes?

Do you want to know why do you need to buy Automatic Instagram likes? Well, we have all the answers.

What are the benefits?

Instagram works through the promotion of posts. These automatic likes which are delivered instantly allow you to get more promotion towards your post and get more recognition in the real situation. Explore page pop up may be easier with more likes, and followers.

Will it Hurt My Account?

There will be no harm done to your account if you buy Auto Instagram likes. Your information is safe with us and our operations are done under the terms and conditions that are provided on Instagram. There is nothing to lose in this foolproof process.

How Many Uploads Can I Make Monthly?

You are allowed to post up to 60 posts monthly, Yes, we know we’re amazing (duh). This is an absolutely and extremely clean package. This package is way better than buying likes every single post. This package also does include likes on your videos, so they don’t feel left out.

Do You Need My Password?

Not at all. Our operations do not require your password. We only need a few things done from your side like, we need your account to be set on public and the promotion undergoing will be changed according to your needs. This is a simple transaction of likes.

Frequently asked questions

Q. I need a personal plan, how can I customise my plan?

Ans. If you need a plan according to your requirements, that can be customised. You can reach out to our customer care via email where you can mention your needs and will we revert to you at the earliest.

Q. How can I get combo deal on your services?

Ans. Single service plan isn’t suitable for and are you looking for combo’s. No worries, we will provide the best offer if you avail more than one services. In this you can also customise according to your requirement and can avail special discounts on the combo services.

Q. What details are required to start your services?

Ans. To start the automatic instagram likes service, you need to provide us with your username and the process of likes will be started on immediate basis. Password is not required in any case to increase the likes on your posts.

Q. When will I start getting likes after I upload the post?

Ans. There are two options available that you can choose from :

  • Set time delay : when you acquire our automatic instagram like services, we give you of set time delay where you have to mention the time of receiving the likes so as per the time, system will release the likes.
  • Automatic: In this particular service if you choose for automatic setting, you will receive the likes immediately after you upload the post.